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Pakistan Red Crescent Society was founded in 1947 after Pakistan's independence by an order called 'The Pakistan Red Cross Order' led by Nurse Saloni Malik. It was later renamed the Red Crescent Society or the Red Crescent Order. Its headquarters are in Islamabad.

  • The Red Crescent society has helped millions of Pakistanis overcome disease and disaster, by offering support services for Pakistanis, which include, food, clean water, and medical services.
  • In 2010 after one of the largest floods in Pakistani History, the Red Crescent Society provided much needed support to native Pakistani's who were without food or water. They also joined forces with the Red Cross in this effort, and were given $100,000 in aid to combat the devastation of the flood.[1]
  • As per practice this year (2014 ) Pakistan Red Crescent Society Sindh in association with the JDC Welfare Organization provided medical aid to some 300 mourners with doctors, paramedical staff and volunteers during a two-day medical camp organized in connection with Youm-e-Ashoor at Numaish Chowrangi Karachi .[2]
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